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  • Welcome to Asian Network of Research Resource Centers (ANRRC)!

    Starting in 2009, ANRRC has achieved great success with the leadership of Prof. Yeonhee Lee and Dr. Yuichi Obata, the first two presidents of ANRRC.
    Currently, the ANRRC membership counts as 15 countries and 106 institutions. ANRRC has been successfully sponsored 8 conferences.
    These conferences and other ANRRC activities have effectively prompted the sharing of knowledge on research resources (microbe, plant, animal, and human materials) and methodology, as well as promoting the advancements of science and technology.
    With the goal to improve the peoples’ welfare of Asia and other regions, ANRRC will continuously dedicate itself to facilitate access to research resources, science advancements and technology innovations in Asia and other regions.

    After the very successful presidencies by Drs. Lee and Obata,
    I was elected as the third president of the ANRRC during the Kyoto ANRRC conference 2016 for the next two years.
    I understand that this is going to be a very challenging task, and I will do my best to fulfil my duty, to achieve the goal of the ANRRC and to practice the spirit of ANRRC Charter.
    Moreover, by working together with the vice presidents, Dr. Kohara (National Institute of Genetics, Japan) and Dr. Ki Hyun RYU (Director-General of KNRRC, Korea), the executive board members, our ex-presidents, the ANRRC Secretariat at KNRRC and with the efforts and enthusiasm from all ANRRC members,
    I am confident that we will make ANRRC an active organization and attractive home.

  • President of ANRRC
    Shuang-Jiang Liu