Welcome to Asian Network of Research Resource Centers (ANRRC)

ANRRC was founded in 2009 to share knowledge about research resources (microbes, plants, animals, and human materials) and to accelerate their active use, and to promote the advancement of science and technology. Today, the ANRRC membership has grown to 112 institutions in 16 countries in Asia and Oceania. I do believe that this development is the result of the efforts and enthusiasm of all ANRRC member institutions, along with the leadership of Dr. Li, the first president, Dr. Obata, the second president, and Dr. Liu, the third president. ANRRC has hosted 12 conferences so far. In these meetings, measures to facilitate access to research resources, scientific advances and technological innovations in the relevant regions have been discussed toward the ultimate goal to improve the welfare of the people in the regions of Asia and Oceania.

I was elected as the fourth President of the ANRRC at the 11th ANRRC meeting held in the Philippines in October 2019, succeeding President Liu. Because of the cancellation of the ANRRC meeting that was to be held at the RIKEN BRC due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I started my official duties as President at the 12th ANRRC meeting in Thailand in November 2021. Building on the successes established by the previous three Presidents, I intend to continue my efforts to promote access to research resources, scientific progress, and technological innovation in Asia and Oceania.

I am convinced that research resources (bioresources) are the most important infrastructure for life science and innovation, without which there would be no progress in science and industry. The mission of the research resource centers in Asia and Oceania is getting very important. This is because these areas are the hotspots of biodiversity in the world. And these areas are also experiencing rapid economic growth. In other words, they have a great potential and advantage in promoting science and industry based on bioresources. On the other hand, there is a concern that biodiversity in these areas will decrease due to economic growth. Considering this situation, we have a great responsibility for working together across national borders to preserve biodiversity and share knowledge about research resources.

Together with the two Vice Presidents [Dr. Juncai Ma (IMCAS, China) and Dr. Konsup Kim (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)], Executive Board Members, Past Presidents, ANRRC Secretariat Office (RIKEN BRC), ANRRC Secretary (Dr. Kyungsook Ahn), and ANRRC member institutions, I will do my best to fulfill the duties of the President and to put into practice the spirit of the ANRRC Charter to achieve the goals of the ANRRC. Accordingly, it is essential that we cooperate together. I would appreciate your continued support.

President of ANRRC
Toshihiko Shiroishi